Heaps of the guests that stay at Bura are absolute snow virgins and we appreciate that it can seem a little daunting once you’ve decided to take the plunge and try a ‘cold’ holiday for the first time.  The good news is that we can offer advice and help organise every last detail of your ski or snowboard holiday to make the whole process easy and unintimidating.


A trip with Bura Snow means you’ll be staying with us in fully catered chalet accommodation. Catered chalets are fairly unique to the skiing world and are quite different to any holiday you’ve had before.
On catered chalet holidays you can truly relax as almost everything is done for you (aside from the actual skiing!).
We have two staff in each chalet who are there to help you enjoy yourself as much as possible. They will come up to the hire shop with you to assist in sorting ski or snowboard gear as well as pointing out the places of interest in the resort such as the slopes or the bars. Every day, they’ll cook your breakfast and dinner for you, make a fresh cake AND wash everything up afterwards. They clean and tidy the chalet daily and they’ll even ‘help’ you get drunk in the pub if you like.
Saying this however, it is not a cheesy ‘group activity’ based environment, the staff are simply (to quote a previous guest), “never in your face but always there when you need something”.   

Unless you are part of a large group who has requested sole occupancy of the chalet, you’ll be sharing the chalet with others, however unlike backpacker hostels, you won’t share a room with someone who is not in your party. We make every effort to ensure you’ll share the chalet with like-minded guests, it’s common to make lifelong friends at Bura Snow and return on holiday the following year with your new friends that you meet!  

Dinner is a three course set menu of large portions of awesome, home cooked food. You get three courses, six nights of the week (even chalet staff need a day off once a week!) and the wine is free and unlimited. We can cater for any dietary requirements and if there is something you are allergic to please do let us know in advance. 

To make it even simpler, we’ve devised a Snow Virgins Upgrade Package. Just add £90 to your regular Bura package that you see for your chosen chalet and dates. This extra cost is for five 1/2 days of lessons, beginner ski/board equipment and a beginner suitable lift pass.


Packing for a snow holiday is a little different from a normal trip abroad. Firstly, it can be tricky to predict the ski resort weather as it’s very common in many ski resorts to have long, sunny days, which can feel exceptionally warm in the sun (even though there is still usually fantastic snow!) so high factor sun cream and sunglasses are definitely a necessity. Saying this, it can still often feel very cold in the shade or when you are sat on ski lifts.   

You'll definitely need the following:- 
Ski jacket
Ski trousers 
Ski gloves
A beanie
A pair of goggles   

To make this easier, we’ve devised a checklist so you can tick off stuff you’ll need when your packing. You can download that here.   

Prior to your first holiday we don’t recommend spending a lot of money on this gear. Borrow what you can from friends, or if you have a cheapish waterproof jacket you can always wear a hoodie or an extra couple of layers underneath to keep you warm.  

However, your skiing time can be ruined by having poor quality gloves or goggles so it's worth splashing out on those.


We'd recommend having at least one lesson on a dry ski slope or preferably at a snowdome prior to your holiday if at all possible - if you have mastered the absolute basics prior to the holiday it can speed along your progress upon arrival quite rapidly. 

Links to the various UK snowdomes below:-   
Xscape Milton Keynes
Xscape Yorkshire
Tamworth Snowdome
Chill Factor, Manchester 
The Snow centre, Hemel Hempstead     

So there you go, we hope this is useful for you and if you have any questions at all please give us a shout at:

- Remember no questions are stupid questions and everyone was a beginner once upon a time!


"Fantastic people, location, food & entertainment! They were not only amazing hosts but just wonderful people. I would highly recommend this and would love to go again"

Megs, Jan 2017

“Amazing snow, food and people”

"The food was outstanding, we were amazed how Kevin and Olly produced such high quality meals with no stress and a fun, friendly and chatty atmosphere. Bura's prices include chalet catering, unlimited wine, transfer, skipass and ski hire: all organised smoothly and efficiently so no hidden costs and reasonably priced. We were so impressed"

Pippa, Dec. 2016


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